Before beginning any creative campaign my team first needs to understand the objectives both from a business and marketing perspective. Who is our audience? What channels will we execute to?…and what is our timeline?

Research: We then go into research to stay current and relevant. What were last years wins and also areas to grow? What have our competitors done?…and what are our guiding principles?


Ideation: The next team phase is really organic and must remain without too many limitations. We work in groups and collaborate to work out initial sketches, working with other design teams, visual merchandise, in-store displays, copywriters, and the UX department.


Test: When applicable, we test a few rough variations through a focus group model.

Learn: This is our team’s discovery or break through stage in the process. We discover opportunities and gather to move forward with.

Refine: This step is the important edit after all the natural free flow that has happened up until this point. The team narrows down their favorite concept that has buy off by all the stake-holders.


Production: The amazing moment when all execution teams go into development on production and sketches become a reality.




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